Brighten your room with the energy efficient LBD LED light bulb.


We at LBD LED Private Limited have a motto to provide quality in our products. We believe in winning the trust of our customers through the products we provide. Each and every detail of the product is monitored by our qualified engineers. We are encouraged to develop new products and enhance their quality through regular interactions with our well-wishers, dealers and distributors.
We firmly believe that good relation with customers is the sole reason for the product to be successful and we maintain this relationship with utmost priority. According to the market requirements and with our customer's interest, we are entering into the Smart led lighting section and increasing our product range.
LBD products provide excellence, long life and durability which is required in every residential and commercial building.
All the products listed in this manual should be installed by suitably qualified professional. Any further information which may be required about the use, installation and conditions is available on request.
Consult our dealers for the latest product information. Our dealers and distributors will be pleased to help you.


LBD LED Private Limited stands for light emitting diode. LBD LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. How do they work? An electrical current passes through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs and the result is visible light. To prevent performance issues, the heat LBD LEDs produce is absorbed into a heat sink.
LBD LED Private Limited are incorporated into bulbs and fixtures for general lighting applications. Small in size, LBD LEDs provide unique design opportunities. Some LED bulb solutions may physically resemble familiar light bulbs and better match the appearance of traditional light bulbs.

LBD LBD Private Limited means high quality and performance, particularly in the following areas:

  • Color Quality 5 different requirements for color to ensure quality up front and over time Light Output.
  • Light output minimums to ensure you get enough light
  • Light distribution requirements to ensure the light goes where you need it
  • Guidelines for equivalency claim to take the guess-work out of replacement Peace of mind
  • Verified compliance with more than 20 requirements to address performance and labeling Long-term testing to back up lifetime claims
  • Testing to stress the products in operating environments similar to how you will use the product in your home 2-year minimum warranty requirement